College Earnings

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce has a bunch of reports “to better articulate links between education, career preparation, and workplace demands.” That means they attempt to determine the value of various college degrees and majors based on employment opportunities and wages.

My last post talked about AA degrees that earn more than BA degrees (based on a Chicago Tribune column that referenced a Georgetown study). The also used Georgetown data to rank 173 majors based on median income and unemployment rates.

The top 5:
1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences/Administration
3. Geological/Geophysical Engineering
4. Mining/Mineral Engineering
5. Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering

The bottom 5:
169. Studio Arts
170. Human Services/Community Organization
171. Composition/Rhetoric
172. Miscellaneous Fine Arts
173. Clinical Psychology

For perspective, number 1 earns more than three times more than last place: $135K vs. $43K. (Remember those are median incomes.)

Think about the future earnings and jobs potential of your academic major, not just how entertaining (or easy) it might be just to get a diploma. The more you earn, the more you can save.

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