4-Year Degree Isn’t Only Path to a Good Job

I tweeted this, but I wanted to add a link to the blog so it would be searchable on the site. Gail MarksJarvis had a great column in the Chicago Tribune talking about all the good jobs available without a 4-year college degree. It’s based on a Georgetown University study that found 30 million jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree and pay an average of $55K a year.

A great line from the column: “28 percent of people who get associate degrees from community colleges end up with better jobs than those with bachelor’s degrees.” I suspect a lot of that has to do with what these people studied in the bachelor’s programs.

Things not to study (BA with poor pay) : communications, art, psychology

Things to study (AA with good pay): nursing, computer specialist, mechanical technician

Other good fields (didn’t mention pay): welder, plumber, HVAC maintenance, electrician, carpenter, bookkeeper, food service manager, security guard, industrial production manager

Classes just started again across the country. Make sure you’re studying something that’s good for your financial future.

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