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Len Cabrera is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with a PhD in economics (Florida), a masters degree in operations research (Stanford), and an MBA (West Florida).  As if being an economist were not enough to be a know-it-all, he’s been to schools for lots of stuff, from auto racing to wilderness survival. (An excessive answer in grad school on what causes engine knock earned him the nickname “The GOAT,” for Geek of All Trades.)

He’s the author (with Richard Fullerton) of Basic Personal Finance and is currently (sometimes) working on an undergraduate microeconomics textbook. He lives a semi-retired life in Gainesville, FL, and thinks about his book while riding his bike. When not drooling over cars (or lamenting the spread of turbos and lack of steering feel), he makes himself available to students who have a problem, if no one else can help, and if they can find him… (A-Team theme music).