Emergency Expenses Are Part of Financial Planning

The Consumerist (a service of Consumer Reports) recently reported on a Bloomberg study on Work, Workers and Technology. The nugget they pulled is not related to any of those things; it deals with financial security, and the result is very bad. One thousand respondents were asked if they were prepared for unexpected expenses, and a majority said no. The results:

$1000 expense:  80% could not pay it
$100 expense:  48% could not pay it
$10 expense:  28% “would have to worry about being able to pay”

Most respondents said part of the problem is that their income varies from week to week. At the risk of sounding insensitive, that’s no excuse. One of the first things everyone should do when assessing their financial lives is develop an emergency expense fund (Rule of Thumb #6 in Basic Personal Finance). That goes along with building (and sticking to) a budget to ensure you can live within your means. As I’ve posted before: discipline, not income, prevents debt.

The silver lining is that 73% of respondents expect their kids to do better and make more money. Let’s hope they also do a better job of budgeting and saving that money.


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